Ride Over is an animated short story created by Mik Garrison and Zoe Matthiessen in 2013.
Winnie just wants to ride her bike, while Maude, her mother, is just trying to hold it all together. Take a spin with Winnie and Maude as they playfully go head-to-head in an alternate reality of control and rebellion in this beautifully scored, hand-painted animated short. 
Winnie's bike ride through a spinning forest has more consequences than simply making her late for dinner as her wheelies and jumps create a ruckus throughout the valley causing more than just the broccoli to heat up!  Ride Over is a combination of hand-drawn art and 2D computer animation. Using ink and paint gives the film a timeless and "retro" look while using computer animation techniques imparts a distinctly modern feel to the piece. The all-original score also mixes genre and instrumentation to give the film a mature yet playful feel.
Winner April 2013 First Friday Shorts - The Loft Cinema
Official Selection 2013 - Loft Cinema Film Festival 
Official Selection 2013 New Belgium Clips Film and Beer Tour - Nationwide

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